As its name implies, ASSC (Asia Synergy Supply Chain) caters specifically to supply-chain participants. Based in the city of Jiangyin, Jiangsu province’s “manufacturing capital,” ASSC provides logistics, warehousing and other supply-chain related services to Jiangyin manufacturers and their clients and suppliers. ASSC also uses Peak’s Cubeler Lending Hub platform to collect operational and transactional data from its supply-chain clients. That data is then transformed into a series of financial reports to help qualify the clients for loans and financing from various banks and financial institutions specialized in lending to supply-chain participants.

Sample ASSC Approved Suppliers List

ASSC uses analytics, transactional and operational data to produce lists of manufacturer and suppliers that members of its supply-chain ecosystem can depend on

Sample ASSC Accounts Payable Report

ASSC lending partners have access to a series of reports on supply-chain participants to help them in their credit decision making processes