Headquartered in Wuxi with operations throughout Jiangsu province and Shanghai, ASFC is a fully licensed financial services company. ASFC provides commercial loans to small and micro business owners and uses the business owners’ vehicles as collateral to secure the loans. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected as part of the loan application process and loans granted by ASFC typically do not exceed 70% of the fair market value of the vehicles used to secure the loans. Once a loan application has been approved and prior to the funds being disbursed, a proprietary tamper-proof Smart GPS system is installed in the vehicle. ASFC’s Smart GPS not only allows for the vehicles to be tracked and located, but also to be remotely rendered inoperable. The technology has allowed ASFC to post one of the lowest loan default rates in the industry.

Sample ASFC Rep Dashboard

ASFC reps constantly monitor the status of the devices used in the company’s Smart GPS system to ensure it retains visibility and a measure of control on the vehicles used to secure its loans

ASFC Live Monitoring of Vehicles

ASFC has one of the most sophisticated asset monitoring systems in the vehicle-backed lending industry