ASDS is a software development company based in the city of Wuxi located in Jiangsu province. The company is considered to be Peak’s technological epicenter and features a talented team of software developers, along with an experienced group of financial services managers. ASDS is responsible for the management and maintenance of Peak’s Cubeler Lending Hub platform. That responsibility requires ongoing research and development efforts to continually add new features, modules and components to the platform to cater to the specific needs of other Peak subsidiaries, their clients and strategic partners.

The Cubeler Lending Hub is a commercial lending platform that helps make commercial lending to small, medium and micro businesses in China less risky and more efficient. Cubeler uses the power of analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of data points from prospective lenders, prospective borrowers and various public and private data sources to match the right lenders with the right borrowers. Cubeler allows lenders to quickly find loan candidates and assess credit worthiness while mitigating loan default risk.

Consolidated Credit Risk Report

Cubeler Lending Hub aggregates and analyses data from multiple sources to give lenders a comprehensive risk assessment on each prospective borrower 

Cash Flow Report

Cubeler Lending Hub allows lenders to analyse each prospective borrower’s ability to generate cash and repay loans