MONTREAL, QUEBEC – (NEWSFILE – July 29, 2019) – Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. (CSE: PKK) (“Peak” or the “Company”) today announced that its Asia Synergy Data Solutions (“ASDS”) subsidiary, which manages the Cubeler Lending Hub (“Cubeler”) commercial lending platform in China, is adding a new module that will cater to the specific financing needs of some of China’s supply-chain verticals.

The supply-chain module will bring together clients, suppliers, banks and other lenders who specialize in supply-chain financing to make it faster and easier for business clients to qualify for financing when purchasing products and services from their suppliers. Clients will first need to register through the module and give access to their businesses’ financial data to be analyzed by Cubeler. Cubeler will then generate reports on the clients and qualify them for credit specifically to purchase products and services from registered suppliers. ASDS will receive a service fee, representing a percentage of the value of the transaction, from the program’s participating lenders for each order financed. ASDS will also collect annual registration fees from the business clients and suppliers. The service fee rate and registration fee amounts to be collected by ASDS will be disclosed at a later date.

“The addition of this new module was always part of our product roadmap to ensure that we would be able to serve the financing needs of a wide variety of businesses and industries,” commented Mr. Liang Qiu, CEO of Peak’s Chinese operations. “It complements our financing offering and opens an entirely new revenue stream for ASDS in the form of the annual registration fees that will be collected. It will also eventually be linked to our Gold River product procurement platform creating further synergy between Cubeler and Gold River,” concluded Mr. Qiu.

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